Email Outreach Guide (with Templates)

Link building, white hat outreach is tedious and time-consuming, even if you know what you’re doing.

But it’s the key to unlocking organic growth in the SERPs via white hat link building.

So it’s necessary.

Anyone can be successful outreachers… it simply requires time and effectively and efficiently using the right information.

According to a report by Radicati, on average there are more than 139 billion emails sent/received per day.

With the average emails received per user standing at a staggering 140 emails each day!

That’s a boatload of emails!

With all those emails clogging up inboxes, how can you stand above the noise to ensure that your message is heard?


In this guide, I’ve looped you in on various email templates and responses we use in our outreach campaigns to give you a better understanding of how to interact with influencers and build fruitful business relationships. Simply copy, paste and edit for an effortless kick off to your next campaign.

Download these email templates to successfully launch your own outreach campaign.



Email Scenario 1: Content Draft Already Completed

Version #1 – Health and Wellness


Version #2 – Home Improvement

Version #3 – Technology


Email Analysis:

PART 1: State early on in the email, who you are, what you do, and why you’re contacting them.

PART 2: is the pitch – It can be broken down to three parts, the topic, the ask, and the reason.

  • The Topic: includes the working title that you would like to contribute.
  • The Ask: includes the thing that you would want in return for contributing to their site.
  • The Reason: includes the main driving factor that made you write the article in the first place and reach out to this particular site. The more compelling the reason, the higher the possibility that your recipient will allow you to write for them.
  • PRO TIP: Never ask for links in the first email

PART 3: of this particular template is to include samples. This is pivotal if you’re not yet well established in the industry and are sending out cold outreach emails.

  • Make sure to always include and send links to your best posts whether it’s a guest post or an internal resource page. If it’s really good it will add a tremendous amount of credibility which is a huge deciding factor.



Email Scenario 2: Must-Send Topics First

Version #1 – Home Improvement


Version #2 – Cryptocurrency


Version #3 – Social Media


Email Analysis:

PART 1 – A straightforward introduction of who you are, what you do, and why you’re contacting them.

PART 2 – Includes a drastic change compared to the first scenario template. The reason – some Guest Post sites require contributors to first send the topics and outlines of the article to be submitted.

  • Pro Tip: Include a quick outline document (even if it is not requested) that has the executive summary of the article, the sections, and subsections. This will give the editors more to chew and it is a great way to showcase how familiar you are with the topic(s) on hand.

PART 3 – Include sample articles. Again, make sure that you send them your best work and also ensure that the samples you give are in line with the industry that you are targeting – Contextual relevance is key.


Email Scenario 3 – Cold Outreach

Version #1 – Jewelry

Version #2 – Law Firm


Version #3 – Home Repair


Email Analysis:

  • This email template is specifically made for websites that do not actively ask for guest posts.

PART 1: The introduction. Don’t sugar coat your title or your company, that doesn’t really matter in this scenario.

PART 2: Tell your target where/how you found them. Make sure to include as much information as possible in this section.

  • Tell them (and link to) the title of the article that you liked or read
  • The website you found it in
  • The writer that was featured in the by-line (If the person you’re targeting isn’t the one who wrote the article)

PART 3 – The pitch. Tell them that you’re interested in writing for them as a guest post contributor. Be straightforward.

PART 4 – The value proposition.

  • Include that you’ll promote the post on social media platforms (if you have a large following, slide that info into your mention).
  • Offer to write high-quality content that will rank, share/remind them of the benefits that guest posting and quality content contributions will have on their SEO strategy, and by extension their site traffic, conversions, and business.


Possible Responses:

Topic is Approved


Topic is Rejected

The guest post site rejects the proposed topic and doesn’t suggest a new topic or give any feedback.


No Response


Paid Guest Post – Reply when you’re not willing to pay

Some guest post sites ask for payment for guest posts even if they didn’t include it in the guideline page.



Paid Guest Post – Reply when you are willing to pay

Wrapping it up

And there you have it. Those are our top performing email outreach templates.

I know that some of them may seem quite conversational but I have tested various tones over the year and it is consistently the personalized emails (the ones written as if you were chatting with an acquaintance or friend that yield the best results.

Now it’s time to try them out yourself!

Download these outreach emails and edit them to fit your needs by clicking the text below.


Carlos Mendoza
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Email Outreach Guide (with Templates)

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