The Long Term ROI of SEO

They say, “Fortune favors the brave.”

That may be true… but what about, “Fate favors the prepared.”

As with everything in life, research and being equipped with the required knowledge to succeed at a task are essential.

It’s the one thing that never fails when wielded properly. Business owners know this, perhaps better than anyone. You’ve researched about your market, your market value and your competitors.

And now, you’re here, trying to figure out if investing in SEO is worth it.

Let’s see if this helps you figure it out.

Let’s acknowledge the elephant in the room… There are thousands of horror stories to dwell on.

People and businesses coming in and pouring money into SEO tools and surface research, expecting their websites to land on top of the search engine – immediately.

Impatiently waiting for site visits to convert into sales or new customers, without realizing one of the key lessons in investment: It takes time.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of creating:

  • Organic
  • Sustainable
  • steadily increasing traffic to your website.

There are different processes and steps, including content creation and outreach and distribution.

Think of SEO as “destination”.

With market and competitor analysis, keyword analysis and content creation as the smaller steps required along the journey.

Like in any business, creating a strategy and a website can be taxing and can put a drain on your resources.

Which is why determining if this SEO business is worth it, is a savvy move.

Spoiler alert: it’s worth it.

Let me tell you why.

Increased ROI from consistent SEO

1. SEO is a huge part of your marketing.

The first step in learning a new concept is to rearrange your schema and the way you view it. I know many of you still think that SEO is that one trend that’s eventually going to die out. If not that, then you think of it as a minor thing, something easily dismissed and not worth the time to learn.

Keep that thinking up and you’ll be wondering why your competitors call you up to say thanks for not even trying to take a bite out of the 40,000 search queries that Google processes every second!

Let me remind you that we live in a digital world. People want convenience as much as they want connection, trust and to be armed with as much knowledge as possible before purchasing.

Hence why 81% of shoppers conduct research online before buying!

A good SEO strategy allows you and your business to position yourselves where your audience is at. It allows you to get to know your target market, or rather for them to get to know you. If you’re not where they need you to be, then you’ll be fighting an uphill battle for their attention, let alone their trust or their dollars.

So what’s this magical method of connection?

Your website silly.

Your website (and every social media account you have)… these are the digital face of your business.

It’s the first thing your audience sees and connects with. It’s your digital billboard with a practically direct connection between you, your mission and your tribe. It shows your business’ personality, tone, and persona distributed in a way that doesn’t annoy your target audience like a tv commercial or paid for advertising?


Because the beauty of SEO is that it gives your market all the power.

They chose to click.

They chose to peruse…

to watch the video…

to click your landing page…

give you their email address…

book their appointment…

give you their credit card…

Good SEO will ensure that you are presented as the BEST possible option for your market’s pain when they seek their solution.

And that my friends is no accident.

2. SEO allows you to bypass, jump over and leave your competition in the digital dust.

Think of it this way, an optimized website is that store with flyers pinned to strategic boards around town and slid under interested customers’ doors. While a non-optimized website is that store with tons and tons of flyers plastered all over town. They’re the store your see everybody stuffing their flyers in trash cans, and littered all over town (not eco-friendly at all, by the way).

The optimized website store’s flyers have all the details needed. Every question you might have easily accessible within a single glance or a flip of the flyer.

In an instant, you know what they serve, where the store is and what it looks like.

The information is presented in the language and lingo of their target audience uses.

Designed to attract their attention because it reaches them right as they were just wondering if such a store existed.

The non-optimized website store’s flyers also have the basic details. What they serve, where the store is and what it looks like. But that’s it. Their language and lingo is outdated, or completely off the mark. And some guy, three towns over wonders why the hell he received a flyer for a place he couldn’t go to.

Do you see the difference?

SEO allows you to avoid being that business that works too hard (okay, kudos on your effort) but NOT smart and ends up wasting a ton of resources on endeavors that won’t move the needle or beef up their bottom line.

Essentially the unoptimized owner will end up cannibalizing their own business only to realize it too late and out of resources.

Let’s revisit the concept of your website as the cyber extension of your business.

Having a website optimized for search engines (SEO) allows you to attract your ideal audience to project and offers that yield profits.

Remember that SEO does not only tap into an existing market, but a good SEO strategy also grows it. And who wouldn’t want their target audience to grow, right?

3. SEO increases your credibility.

Or, if you’re starting out… it’ll give you some 😉

It’s hard to be the new player on the pitch.

However, when approached from the right angle it can yield big advantages often overlooked. You see it all the time from where I stand – newer businesses that start with a clear, killer SEO strategy, grow faster with less money out and ultimately do better than their “seasoned” competitors.

We’ll dig into that a bit deeper later.

Credibility is major characteristics that consumers look at when buying products or trying services. It is why big companies can easily penetrate a new market, regardless of how far it is from their original audience. They already have the reputation, whether their product is good or not, they’ve put in the legwork to attract a loyal tribe.

But who doesn’t love a shortcut!

Normative Social influence is a real thing. People are often easily influenced by the opinions of other people that then leads actions being taken in favor of the recommended in an attempt to conform, to be liked and accepted.


what does this have to do with building online credibility as a new business owner?


Word of mouth can only go so far, but, a shout out from popular bloggers, and mentions across the internet?

They go worldwide in seconds.


Suddenly your content is swept up in a syndicated circuit and before you know it you are your industries next Oprah!

All I’m trying to say is that some solid reviews are worth more than just about any other kind of paid media campaign.

Every review, mention on social media, or share of your blog post or youtube video will boost your website to the top of the search results.

Which will, in turn, put your brand in the same game as the Big Box Brands of your industry and more importantly in direct connection with the people you desire to reach.

Convenience, again, is a big factor here. Coupled with a good product or a good service, you already have your buyer at the first stage of the buying stage – interest.

4. SEO saves and earns you a ton of cash.

You’re looking at this as an investment, right? Or as something that you may still be on the fence about… either way, that’s fine… ’cause now we’re about to dive into the cold hard facts.

A good SEO strategy saves you a ton of resources and I’m not talking about just money.

I’m talking about time, manpower and brain power.

Take a second and think of traditional marketing…

What comes to mind?

  • Radio Ads
  • TV Commercials
  • Big billboards
  • Direct mail flyers
  • Cold email lists…

What do all these things have in common?

Let me answer it for you: they cost a lot.

And the worse part is… their success rates are hard to determine.

Can you honestly tell me how many times a billboard was the catalyst that made you buy whatever they were selling?

Maybe it did spark your interest… but you stopped thinking about once you drove past it.

That my friends is a lost sale.

When SEO is in-sync with the rest of your digital assets, you can skip right past traditional money pit methods of marketing and start seeing results as soon as you start.

You’ll be focusing on your target market, thus avoiding the waste of resources that occur when you inadvertently target someone completely uninterested. Your website keep up may cost you a bit but nothing compared to a failed commercial.

And between a safe investment and a highly risky one with no way of determining success, which would you choose my business savvy friend?

(I really hope for your sake you chose the former)

For the record, I’m not saying that traditional marketing is useless. It has after all been around for so long, so it must be doing something right.

A well-traveled road incorporates digital marketing and SEO along with traditional marketing.

The best marketing campaigns are always a cocktail.

You’ve got to experiment until you determine which combination gives you that perfect buzz… versus the combo that gets you wasted and in a cab at the wrong side of the city at 2 am.

Well, drinks in hand 🍸 I’ll leave you with this…

SEO augments your marketing, pushes you ahead of your competition, grants you credibility and most importantly, saves and earns you and your business money. You can use that money to reinvest back into your growth, your team, culture, product, training, development… whatever you want!

The short of it – SEO is a smart investment.

Not only of your money but also of your time and effort. The return on investment is measurable, quantifiable and almost immediate when done right.

What’s that saying?

Fail to prepare and you’re preparing to fail.

Well my friends, if you want a popular website that serves a successful business to fuel a fulfilling life… then I think the case for SEO is pretty clear.

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Co-Founder Digital Lead 👨🏻‍💻 🤓 For more then 15 years Tim has been using digital marketing strategies as a tool to scale businesses. Captivated by human psychology and productivity, he is an avid student of strategy. Always seeking what's new and integrating it with what works. 🧙‍♂️📈
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The Long Term ROI of SEO

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